The Competitive
Mind Zone
Destroy Your Crippling Insecurity and Fear To Transform Yourself Into A Champion With Superior Focus, Composure and GRIT By Learning The COMPETITIVE MIND ZONE Secrets Only Superstars Know– Guaranteed!
Master The Competitive Mind Zone
  • The origin of the Competitive Mind Zone program and why it is so crucial to your athletic success
  • Why the secrets that allow legendary champions to block out distractions and stressors are so simple you can learn them in an hour!
  • Why certain distractions “kill” your motivation and how to remove this emotional baggage from your life once and for all so you can kickstart your competitive fire again  (Never considered that, did you?)
  • Why the simple secrets of the Competitive Mind Zone are so easy to teach to athletes virtually overnight and bring about mentally tough performances you never knew they had in ‘em!
  • And many more..
Conquer The Fear of Losing
You will learn how to master your WORST FEAR (whatever it may be) and remove the crippling performance anxiety it triggers in you. You will therefore relax naturally in competition and restore your innate confidence.
Overcoming Your Need To Impress Fans, Parents, Media, and Coaches
How the secret technique of getting over trying to impress fans, coaches and spectators will have them marveling about your James Bond-like cool reaction to pressure (You’ll kick yourself for not realizing this sooner!).
Getting Over A Bad Start
Why a bad start or early mistake will derail 97% of athletes – let others be governed by this mental trap, but not you. You will learn why this destroys so many competitors and how to exploit to your advantage.
Dealing With The Fear of Injury
How to easily correct the dreaded performance-ruining fear of injury in high risk sports that causes you to compete tentatively.
How To Conquer An Intimidating Opponent
How to conquer an intimidating opponent by injecting your mindset with incredible amounts of determination, smarts, and patience. You will also learn how to deal with an opponent who is “trash talking” you.
What To Do When You Lose Your Confidence
How to rebound emotionally when your belief in yourself suddenly vanishes…and how to get back the ‘eye of the tiger’ aggressiveness you need.
When Life Outside Sport Is Hassling You
Why “life” distractions (events outside of sport) are the Achilles Heel of so many athletes and how to gently remove these influences so you can focus on the task at hand.
Defeating Negative Self-Talk
How to swiftly and wisely remove negative self-talk by entering a “learning state” that will banish your inner monologue of self-criticism…so you can fill yourself with confidence and power.
Freeing Yourself From ‘Dream Stealers’ or Negative People
You will discover how to attain mental and emotional FREEDOM from ‘dream stealers’ like negative family members, teammates who shun you, or coaches who don’t believe in you so that believing in yourself under the fire of distractions is a effortless as breathing.
Curing Perfectionism
What patience REALLY is and its infinite value — and why so few athletes ever harness its power to let the opposition fail…understanding this one concept will hand you more victories than you can possibly imagine by curing your perfectionism once and for all – so you can finally enjoy your athletic gifts and perform to your potential.
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